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Restaurant in Alanya


On the entire coast of Alanya, you can hardly find a place that lives with nightlife. At Heaven Restaurant you can relax listening to our DJ sets and enjoy live music. Meet the dawn with your soulmate or dream alone at sunset, because the restaurant has a spacious lounge area with an open view of the sea horizon. 


As the sun sets, the lounge area is illuminated by lights, which makes your meeting with the restaurant mysterious and sensual. Despite the prevailing “chill” atmosphere, you will be able to appreciate the performances of artists and musicians, and unique cocktails from our bartenders and rare wines will add a special piquancy to your evening.
The Heaven Lounge area is located above the rocky shore and is framed by a transparent fence so that you can fully observe the opening sea view and feel safe.

Alanya is rightfully considered one of the most popular places for tourism. We invite you to look at the city from a completely new perspective, appreciate the majestic scale of the sea coast and look a little further beyond the horizon than it seems possible. Don’t miss the chance to decorate your holiday.